Roodsar, located in a plain area, is 13 km far from langrood, and 43 km far from sakhtsar spa (ramsar). Roodsar enjoys two districts of roodsar and sarpol. Roodsar is the important eastemmost city in gilan which leads to the Caspian sea from the north and northwest and to the crest of the alborz mountain heights.

Coverting an area of 14 square kilometers, roodsar enjoys the most beautiful natural scenery because of neighboring the Caspian sea and dense jungles on the edge of the sea. As reliable source indicated, kotam or hosam is the oldest name of roodsar. It was a very small city as the major section of rankouh. There was a substantial shipment of cargos and passengers to and fro far distances by small and big ships. Roodsar is composed of four districts of central, chaboksar, kelachay and rahim abad.

There was a mint in tamijan, one of the villages of roodsar, in the period of king abbas (I). the coins issued at that time are available in the very place. Moqaddasi, a famous geographer in 375 A.H.

Wrote in this book named Ahsan at-taqasin fem marfat at-aqalim “Hosam is an active bazaar and there is a grand mosque near the king’s headqurter”. People of roodsar are friendly and true followers of religious rituals. Rabinow brought this issue in his book named velayte Dar-al-Marz saying as: “People of roodsar are famous for being well-menned and interested in religion coarse weaving, felt weaving and chador weaving on traditional looms are main handicrafts of the region.


Sefidab (white water) Area in rahim abad-sarvelat mountainous & jungle area-javaher dasht (gold plain) countryside-roodsar beautiful coastline-sajiran mineral water spring-diarjan caves, kabiran cave near garmab dasht & sard darreh cave near shahijan village of eshkevar-shooti countryside village-lasbo sarvelat beach resort – kelachai beach resort – varjargah- lelahrood jungle park- daman lange jungle park-pir mahalleh octagonal dome – bande bon castle in Qasem abad – tamijan historical bridge.


Holy shrines of seyyed mobin and seyyed moin – seyyed nasr kia shrine.